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How It Works

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When our algorithms calculate a sports selection, you receive an email with everything that you need to place the wager.

Do not modify the selection; let the algorithms do the work. Don’t worry, they will even calculate the wager amount for you.

Sit back and enjoy the game.

This Isn’t A Gambling Program, It’s An Earnings Program

Our statistics-based sports algorithm continues to make our members substantial earnings that nobody can compete with. Not only can we prove it, we do.

No Human Involvement

There is no human involvement in our selection process. Every selection is based purely on statistics and data.

Highest Standards

We have the highest standards of qualifications before a selection is distributed. Quality > Quantity has never been more applicable.

100% Control

You’re 100% in control of your money at all times. Your funds are never locked down like many of the other options available.

Interactive Chart Area

There’s No Need To Persuade You; We Let Our Proof Do The Talking.

We consistently upload every single selection to not only our website, but also on our social media pages as well, as soon as the game starts. Remember that transparency thing we talked about earlier?

Transparency Is Everything

None of this means anything without seeing the proof, right? We know how hard this is to believe, which is why we post every single selection that is distributed by our algorithms. Of course, you have to be a member to receive the selections before the game starts, but as soon as the game starts, the selections are placed on our social media accounts as well as our website, to maintain 100% transparency, win or lose.

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