About the content

What is the Jewish Learning Institute?

The JLI is a premier international organization which provides Jewish adult educational content. Its course are offered in over 1,000 chapters around the world. Visit myjli.com for more info.

Are these courses only for people with a lot of previous knowledge?

 Each JLI course is designed to cater to a full range of students. They are presented in a way which even a student with no background knowledge can understand.

Are these courses only for beginners?

Absolutely not. Although the lessons are designed in a way that anyone can understand, even without background knowledge, each course plumbs the depth of the subject, with an ‘aha’ moment in every lesson!

How can I attend these classes in person?

Each of these audio lessons are from live presentations! There are constantly opportunities to attend in person. Visit ChabadRedRock.com/JLI or go to our news section for upcoming classes.

What is the Rosh Chodesh Society?

The Rosh Chodesh Society is a division of the Jewish Learning Institute. Its courses are made available specifically to women-only study groups. Visit myrcsociety.com for more information. To find out about upcoming RCS gatherings in Las Vegas, visit ChabadRedRock.com/rcs.

About the downloads

What will I receive upon checking out?

Clicking “place order” will get you a link to the audio. The audio is stored on Google Drive and can be played right away or downloaded by you to your device. You will also be able to return to your account and access the link at any time.

Is there any cost to “purchase” a lesson download?

No, each audio download is absolutely free.

What will you do with my contact information?

To subscribe to Chabad of Red Rock’s regular email updates, click here. Otherwise, your contact information will only be used for transaction purposes.